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Tips for Keeping Your Smile Bright

Forty-eight percent of people surveyed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry said that a smile was the feature they noticed most often when meeting a new person. Unfortunately, it's hard to be memorable when your teeth are dull. If your teeth are dull or stained, your Dove Canyon, CA, dentist, Dr. Scott Bianchi, offers tips and services that will help you brighten your smile.

How teeth become stained

Foods and drinks contain pigments that give them their color. If you regularly eat or drink foods with dark pigments, such as coffee or blueberries, some of the pigments become trapped in pores in your tooth enamel. The openings are so small that the pigments can't be removed by brushing your teeth.

Smoking or chewing tobacco also stain teeth. Tobacco leaves contain brown pigments that make your teeth look yellow.

Things you can do keep your smile whiter

If you value a white smile, these suggestions can help you maintain your appearance:

  • Consume Fewer Darkly Pigmented Foods and Beverages: Avoiding the foods and drinks that cause stains is a simple way to prevent stains. The pigments are found in tea, coffee, dark soft drinks, red wine, ice pops, berries, sports drinks, and tomato and other sauces.

  • Drink Through a Straw: If you're not ready to give up your daily dose of coffee, tea or cola, using a straw may help you keep your teeth whiter. When you use a straw, most of the liquid bypasses the front surfaces of teeth.

  • Rinse and Brush: Rinse your mouth after eating to wash away some of the stain-causing pigments. Brushing after every meal is a good idea too.

  • Talk to Your Dentist About Whitening Options: Your dentist offers two whitening options in his Dove Canyon office. Teeth whitening bleaches away stains and keeps your teeth whiter for several years. Veneers, porcelain or plastic shells attached to the fronts of teeth, offer long-term whitening and are available in many shades of white.

Would you like to whiten your smile? Call your dentist in Dove Canyon, CA, Dr. Bianchi, at (949) 589-4100 to schedule your appointment.

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