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Learn More About Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Are you ready to change your smile? Maybe you have crooked teeth and you've always wanted to get them straightened. Or maybe your teeth aren't as white as they used to be. If you want an improved smile, cosmetic dentistry can help. At Dove Canyon Dental, we provide cosmetic dentistry services that create a more beautiful you. Dr. Scott Bianchi and his experienced staff will help you decide which dental services are right for your unique circumstances. Keep reading to learn about our cosmetic dentistry services.

Get Whiter Teeth

Some people try to whiten their teeth with special toothpaste or at-home teeth whitening kits. If you want professional results, you can't go wrong with in-office teeth whitening. Teeth whitening services at the dentist's office provides fast, effective results. Most professional teeth whitening only takes between 60 to 90 minutes. You'll walk out of our office with noticeably brighter teeth and a boost in self-confidence. Dove Canyon Dental provides teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry services that will make you want to smile more.

Try Dental Veneers

Your teeth are misshapen, or maybe you have spaces in between your teeth. If this describes your situation, ask your dentist about dental veneers. Dental veneers are thin tooth-shaped shells that cover the front surface of your teeth. If your teeth are badly stained, worn down, or broken, ask your dentist about dental veneers. They will make your teeth more attractive.

Try Dental Implants

When you are looking for a drastic change, consider dental implants. They are ideal for people with severely broken or missing teeth. Dental implants are shaped like screws. They act as artificial tooth roots and provide a strong foundation for artificial teeth. The screws are placed inside tooth sockets so that they bond with your natural bone. Once installed, you receive a host of benefits. Dental implants enhance your appearance, allow you to speak clearly, help you chew your food better, and improve your oral health.

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If you're ready to enjoy a more beautiful smile, Dove Canyon Dental provides a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services. Schedule your appointment with us today by calling (949) 589-4100

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