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Dental Sealants and Your Child's Teeth

Without dental sealants, your child's teeth could be at an increased risk of cavities. According to the CDC, children without sealants can have three times as many cavities as children with sealants. If you want to ensure the dental health of your child, sealants from your Dove Canyon dentist, Dr. Scott Bianchi, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, can provide an extra layer of protection to fight against tooth decay. A quick and easy procedure at Dove Canyon Dental can put a stop to early signs of tooth decay and prevent it from developing for years to come. Untreated tooth decay could develop into serious conditions such as an abscessed tooth, gum disease, and infection. If you are interested in sealants for your child call our office to ask any questions or schedule an appointment, today!

How do Sealants Prevent Cavities?

Along with regular brushing and flossing, sealants are the best way to prevent tooth decay from consuming your child's teeth. The seal stops the spread of plaque from eating away at the most vulnerable part of the tooth. In fact, sealants have been proven to reduce the risk of decay in molars by 80%. You can think of sealants as a helmet that shields the top of molars from decay. Preventing this decay is how we preserve the teeth from developing holes or contracting periodontal disease. Sealants can last many years and are much cheaper than fillers. You can visit your Dove Canyon, CA, dentist to secure a safe future for your family's dental health.

Additional Benefits of Dental Sealants

  • Sealants are less invasive than filler or root canal procedures
  • Prevent costly procedures to fix damaged teeth
  • Prevent permanent tooth loss from decaying teeth
  • Sealants are proven to be effective and reliable
  • Prevent the pain your child could have from a serious tooth infection

If you are serious about your child's dental health schedule an appointment for sealants right away. Call Dr. Bianchi at 949-589-4100 or visit our office, Dove Canyon Dental, located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

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