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What To Do About Bleeding Gums

Are you concerned about bleeding gums? Improved oral hygiene and a visit to the best dentist in Dove Canyon, CA, Dr. Scott Bianchi of Dove Canyon Dental, can help stop the bleeding.

Why gums bleed

Bleeding gums can be due to:

  • Plaque and Tartar Buildup: Both plaque and tartar can irritate your sensitive gums, causing irritation and inflammation. When your gums are inflamed, brushing and flossing can cause bleeding. Bleeding gums can be a sign of gingivitis, the mildest form of gum disease.
  • Brushing Too Hard: Although it's certainly important to brush thoroughly, brushing your teeth too hard can injure your gums, causing bleeding.
    Not Using a Soft Toothbrush: Medium toothbrush bristles don't clean your teeth any better than soft ones and may damage your gums.
    Keeping Your Toothbrush Too Long: After a few months of use, toothbrush bristles tend to become frayed and bent. Stray bristles can poke your gums and make them bleed.
    Medication Side Effects: The medication you take may be to blame for your bleeding gums. Antidepressants, high blood pressure drugs, and blood thinners are among the medications that can cause the problem.
    Diseases: You may be at increased risk of bleeding gums if you have diabetes, leukemia, a blood disorder, or another disease.
  • Smoking: Add bleeding gums to the long list of smoking hazards.

Ways to Stop the bleeding

One or more of these recommendations may improve the condition of your gums:

  • Improve Your Oral Hygiene: Brush twice a day and floss once a day. Brushing and flossing thoroughly get rid of plaque and minimizes tartar buildup along your gum line.
  • Buy a New Toothbrush: Still using a brush with medium bristles? Swap it for a soft-bristle brush. It's a good idea to replace your brush every three months or as soon as you notice signs of wear. Luckily, toothbrushes are inexpensive. You'll even receive a free toothbrush when you visit your best dentist at the Dove Canyon, CA, dental office for your next checkup.
  • Ask Your Doctor About Changing Your Medication: Switching to another medication might decrease bleeding.
  • Stop Smoking: Quitting smoking will decrease inflammation in your gums, allowing them to heal.
  • Visit the Dentist: Talk to your dentist if you notice that your gums frequently bleed. If you have gingivitis, scaling and planing, a treatment that removes plaque, tartar, and bacteria above or below your gum line, can be helpful.

Prompt treatment can help you protect your gums. Call your Dove Canyon, CA, best dentist, Dr. Bianchi of Dove Canyon Dental, at (949) 589-4100 to schedule your appointment.

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